Paola Pivi

You Know Who I Am
Spring 2022 - Spring 2023

BORN FREE: A series of fiberglass cartoon masks produced at JAD in partnership with Pivi. Each edition serves as a playful representation of populations whose experience of freedom is linked to the United States in one way or another.


Paola Pivi Studio


The Highline, New York, NY


Milled urethane, fiberglass and paint


Dimensions vary

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You Know Who I Am

Paola Pivi's thought-provoking sculpture "You know who I am" presents a 16-foot-tall bronze replica of the Statue of Liberty on the High Line in Manhattan. However, this familiar symbol takes on a new and peculiar twist as the classical features and Greek nose of Lady Liberty are adorned with an emoji-like mask depicting the face of an Asian child. The juxtaposition of the iconic draped figure and the cartoonish expression challenges visitors to reconcile these seemingly incongruous elements. Pivi, an Italian-born artist, meticulously reproduced the statue, including even the smallest details like the fingernails, based on a plaster cast derived from the original bronze sculpture by French artist Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi. By introducing the mask, she imbues the commissioned statue with a different age, race, and gender, while also connecting it to a poignant narrative originating in India. The artwork prompts viewers to contemplate the complex layers of meaning embedded within this striking reinterpretation.

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