Robert Lugo

Put Yourself in the Picture
Spring 2022

Showcasing a mastery of ceramics and a unique blend of traditional European and Asian decorative arts with Afro-Latino heritage and Hip Hop culture.


Ground For Sculpture commission


Solo exhibition The Village Potter at Grounds for Sculpture


2# EPS, urethane hard coat, steel armature, primed and painted (car paint and spray paint)


240 x 144 x 324 in.

Robert Lugo 1
Robert Lugo 1
Robert Lugo 2
Robert Lugo 3


Robert Lugo: Put Yourself In The Picture

Known for his mastery of ceramics, Lugo's artworks consist of vessels that incorporate elements from traditional European and Asian decorative arts, combined with iconography derived from Afro-Latino heritage and Hip Hop culture. "Put Yourself in the Picture," Roberto Lugo's first monumental sculpture in milled foam, was created on-site during his residency. Visitors have the opportunity to walk through the vessel using a viewing platform, enhancing their interactive experience. Additionally, the gallery features a drop-in maker space where visitors can engage with clay and explore its materiality

This significant artwork was made possible through a collaboration with The Seward Johnson Atelier and the Digital Atelier, providing Lugo with a new avenue for artistic expression on a scale that would be challenging to achieve with traditional clay techniques.


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